Powder Coating

The chain system for powder coating is made by a cabinet for manual painting and by a convention oven which permits the processing of avarage dimensions pieces (to 2,5 mt extent and 12 mt length). We are able to make series paintings as well as customised paintings of metal manufactures such as steel, aluminium, cast iron and more.
We use the best companies’ thermosetting powders and thermoplastic polymers on the market; we only use eco friendly products in full compliance with the current laws on discharge into the atmosphere and into the water as to contribute to the protection of the environment.
We accomplish a complete cycle of sandblasting and powdercoating:

  • Blowing the remaining sandy residue;
  • Coating by an auto electrostatic spray gun which lets the powder sediment equally on the pieces surface;
  • Baking at 190°.


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